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How to join our Synchro family

The Sheffield Synchronized Skating Academy welcomes new members throughout the season. Skaters wishing to join must be skating at Skate UK Level 8 or above, and have the desire to learn new skills, be part of a team and ultimately take part in competitions.

The best way to find out more is to send us a message using the Contact form, or via our Facebook page, and one of the SSSA Coaches or Committee will be glad to advise you of your options.

Regular training


Our training sessions are held weekly either on a Friday evening or Sunday morning depending on the team that is appropriate for the skater.

We also run an 'Edges and Power' session where members and non-members are welcome to come and strengthen their basic skating skills which will help them in all disciplines.  This runs every Thursday from 16:10 to 17:10. If you'd like to come along to have a go, please contact us first to check the session is running.

If I'd known the Academy existed, and how relatively low the costs are,
I'd have signed up after Level 8 and not waited until I'd passed Gold!"

Regular training

Team kit

When you join the Sheffield Synchronized Skating Academy, you'll be expected to fund your own uniform and kit, which ensures our skaters feel part of the team. We try to offset the cost of kit with fundraising throughout the year, so costs are kept as low as possible. The full list of standard kit comprises:

•    Clean white or black figure skates
•    Black
 leggings *
•    Black long-sleeved logo top *
•    Black logo jacket *
•    Purple hoody with embroidered skater initials *
•    Black vest with embroidered logo *
•    Black ‘Great Britain’ coat *

•    Black trainers (plain)
•    Black wheeled suitcase for competitions *
•    Logo backpack for training and competitions *
•    Water bottles with skater initials *


* These items are procured by the Academy, to ensure all skaters match, and also that the cost per item is lowered by purchasing in bulk. The only items you will need to source yourself are skates and plain black training shoes.

For competitions, you'll get to wear amazing costumes designed by our head coach Amanda Hembrow-Jones. Costume costs are kept to a minimum and the synchro skaters (and their parents!) can often be found adding crystals to outfits to help ensure they stand out during competitions! 

Team kit

Synchro Competitions

Our normal competition season runs from November to March each year. Competitions may be months or weeks apart, depending on the competitions chosen by the coaches - and not all teams will enter every competition. The competitions and dates for each team are communicated to skaters and parents at the AGM each year for the following season.

Competitions are a great time to get to know each other whilst travelling away from home, and are very exciting. You'll meet other teams, get to watch some of the world's best synchro teams in action... and you may even get the chance to compete internationally and make some lifelong memories!

Some of the competitions the SSSA regularly participates in are:

  • British Championships - Nottingham (normally January)

  • Lee Valley Open - London

  • Trophy D’Ecosse - Dumfries, Scotland

In 2019, the SSSA hosted its very first International Synchronized Skating Competition! Find out more in our News section and visit our page to find out more about the Steel City Trophy

In March 2020, the Steel City Trophy officially made it on to the ISU calendar!

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