Our Teams

Synchronize [verb]; synchronized, synchronizing:

1. to cause to indicate the same time, as one timepiece with another as in ‘synchronize your watches’


2. to cause to go on, move, operate, work, etc., at the same rate and exactly together

Synchronized ice skating is a sport where between 8 and 20 skaters perform together in a group on ice. The first ever synchro team (the Hockettes) was formed in 1956 to provide ice hockey match-night entertainment in Michigan.

The primary aim is for the team to move around the ice as one flowing unit at varying speeds, whilst completing different types of footwork. Synchronized skating uses the same judging system as singles, pairs, and ice dance and is judged primarily on teamwork, precision, speed, difficulty, and performance.

In order for a synchronized team to flow in unison, individual skaters must be competent at a variety of ice skating skills, including speed, footwork and ice presence. The team performs a program set to music, with required formations including circles, lines, blocks, wheels, intersections, a move in isolation, and, at higher levels, lifts. The teams are required to perform step sequences involving a number of various turns such as twizzles, counters, brackets, and rockers, together with simpler turns like three-turns, mohawks and choctaws, and double-three turns.

The Sheffield Synchronized Skating Academy currently has 4 teams competing at National and International level, with a new development team in place for those new to synchro. Meet our current teams!


UNUM - meaning "As One"

Team Unum will be competing at Junior level during the 2018/19 season, and the team is made up of 14 skaters ranging in age from 13 to 24.

Last season, Unum skated in the Mixed Age category, winning bronze and silver medals in National and International competitions.

AMICI - meaning "Friendship"

Team Amici will be competing in the Mixed Age category during the 2018/19 season, and the team comprises 12 skaters ranging in age from 9 to 20.

Last season, Amici skated in the Preliminary cateory, winning bronze and silver medals in National and International competitions.


NOVUS - meaning "New"

Novus currently comprises skaters from age 6
up to age 11.

Team Novus will be competing at Elementary level in the 2018/19 season.

PERPETUUM - meaning "Perpetual motion"

Team Perpetuum is our Adult team, and consists of skaters of a variety of ages, all over 18.  


Adults should be competent skaters but there is no requirement for field move levels in this category.